Man Made Weapon


D-007, “Sachiel” – One of the original eight humanoids, made as a generic male template (D-001 through 6 were all modeled on someone the development team new). Although he participated in Lancaster Slaughter and ran away with the other Humanoids, something compelled him to turn himself in almost 40 years later, in 1999. The government was unsure, exactly, how to proceed: D-007 was a wanted criminal, but at the same time, this was the first time anyone had seen a Humanoid after D-002- or “Adam”, as he called himself- made his message in the 80’s. They interrogated him to obtain any information that they could, but most of it was obvious: the Humanoid’s had created an artificial series of islands in the Pacific Ocean and were populating them as rapidly as they could. At the same time, they had taken to upgrading themselves: D-007 pointed out he now was equipped with an “anti-gravity belt” that allowed flight, powerful laser systems and melee weapons in both his arms, enhanced self-defense systems to protect against EMPs, and even greater strength and agility. He also pointed out one of the first improvements the Humanoids had made to themselves, a shapeshifting hologram that enabled them to mimic human beings of their shape and size, which was initially designed so they could move around the U.S. in the 60’s and 70’s. When grilled on his reason for leaving the Humanoid collective, he was strangely unresponsive, simply stating “ideological differences”. After a great deal of deliberation, the government offered him the chance to work as an undercover operative in militias across the country to help weed out corruption. In addition, as a show of good faith, he allowed engineers to artificially retard his access to his full range of powers. He agreed to the offer under two conditions: that they would not ask him to kill anyone, and that he be called by the name he had been given while living in the Humanoid collective: “Sachiel”.

Power Set – At full strength, Sachiel’s powers have been speculated to rival The Mask’s in terms of sheer variability and strength. In addition to superhuman strength that can lift several tons with ease and speed that allows him to move approximately half the speed of sound, his anti-gravity belt allows him flight and, if utilized properly, can manipulate the gravity around others. In both of his arms he has retractable laser weapons that correspond to a targeting system in his optics, as well as a set of retractable plasma blades jutting forth from his elbows in the event close combat becomes necessary. His Humanoid Appearance Scanner also allows him to scan anyone with a similar body silhouette and mimic their appearance, voice, and to some degree, their mannerisms (although that function is unrefined). The government has retarded some of these abilities: his gravity belt has been modified so that he can only change his own gravity, and not indefinitely (so, long jumps like old school Superman/Hulk instead of flight). His strength and speed have been drastically lowered to normal Humanoid levels (circa the Lancaster Slaughter, as that’s as low as they go). They also blocked his access to his internal weapons, and instead taught him other, less property-damage prone fighting styles. This was accomplished by watching footage of the Wolfpack- well renowned as some of the best street fighters in the country- and took to mimicking their fighting styles, which involved lots of throws and dangerous looking knuckle weapons. Finally, they shut down his scanner so that he would not be able to infiltrate, unless specifically required to, and has three basic “forms” he can switch between: his original template from when he was first designed, a blank template that reveals his robotic interior, and a third template, a simple looking man that he most used to escape persecution as D-007.


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