Timeline - List of Notable Events Since D-Day

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August 6, 1945
The first atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima

August 9, 1945
The second atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki. Japan surrenders.

August 12, 1945
The Kyujo incident takes place. The Japanese War Ministry succeeds in their coup d’etat, Japan recedes their surrender.

August 14, 1945
Reports of a Japanese weapon greater than the atomic bomb.

August 15, 1945
A third and fourth bomb is dropped on Osaka and Kyoto.

August 18, 1945
The Oceania conference of western European nations takes place. Questions on nuclear assault.

August 23, 1945
After a week of silence Japan declares war on the rest of the allied nations. A kamikaze air strike on London kills appx. 200.

August 25, 1945
The fifth and sixth atomic bombs are dropped on Kanagawa and Tokyo. President Truman signs the Downfall Operative.

August 26, 1945
Operation Downfall begins. Five million Allied soldiers invade Japan.

October 3, 1945
Allied soldiers sack the Japanese War capital. Searches for the Japanese “super weapon” turn up negative.

January 2, 1946
Allied soldiers return home with high levels of radiation poisoning. The effects are the first example of metahuman ability. The following year is one of great turmoil as “the cure” is sought out.

March 21, 1947
Unbeknownst to most of the world (Or those not involved) Oceania is formed. France, Germany, and several other western European countries absolve into British rule under the new empire known as Oceania. The United States was not aware of this alliance.

August 1, 1949
Previously believed to not be an inheritable trait, the first child mutant emerges. Cheryl Loebe at the age of five is expelled from Kindergarten for reading the mind of her teacher.

August 20, 1949
The first mutant hate crime takes place. Cheryl Loebe is kidnapped and killed. Her murderer was never found.

January 16, 1950
The Mongolian Confederacy is formed. China imperializes Japan, seeking to help it recover after it’s destructive loss in World War II.

May 14, 1955
The Warsaw Pact is signed. The Soviet Union enters the height of it’s power. The Cold War begins, the race to join the three new world powers (Oceania, Mongolian Confederacy, USSR) begins. The US refrains from this rush for imperialization, citing causes for another world war.

March 24, 1962
First evidence of American counter-mutant policy is shown. The Humanoid incident hit’s the press.

March 25, 1962
The Human-Mutant Rationale is passed, mutants are afforded the same rights as any citizen.

July 4, 1975
Peace treaty between the US and Oceania is formed.

November 16, 1987
A group of rogue mutants rob the NY Mint. Laws are passed restricting the usage of powers.

November 20, 1987
Laws are thereafter repealed, citing constitutional obligations. The question arises, “How does one police the mutant population?”

April 18, 1991
The Advanced MetaHuman Operations Commission is formed. The commission’s mission is to “achieve a safer world through the usage of safer metahumans.”

December 12, 1998
Mongolian Confederacy launches a shuttle to the moon. Reveal their terraforming agent and shortly thereafter colonize it.

Timeline - List of Notable Events Since D-Day

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