Prologue - Operation Downfall

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Downfall, the Descent of Man
by Lt. James Pierson, 509th composite group.

It was August 6th, 1945. “Little Boy” was dropped on Hiroshima, and the nuclear assault against Japan had just begun. At the time this bombing, and the second nuclear assault known as “Fat Man” were the single two most devastating events in this planet’s brief history. The destruction and devastation was known by no other, yet the Japanese were relentless. Many of us couldn’t believe it when they ceased to surrender, so a third and fourth were dropped. This time on Osaka and Kyoto. It was at this point that many began to question the integrity of our actions, but that was all for naught. In an overnight initiative the Japanese ordered approximately 45 kamikaze fighters to park their planes in the homes of innocent citizens of London. The casualty rate was somewhere around 200 people, and what many don’t know is that the fifth and sixth bomb dropped on Kanagawa and Tokyo were produced, packed, and shipped to their final destination at the expense of the British government. So I guess it was to hell with the “integrity” of it all. As a nation Japan was by now destroyed, but we sought to do to Japan what no humane individual would think of, and that’s completely destroy what was left. We did it with the backing of every one of the so called civilized and developed nations.

That was when Operation Downfall began. Tens of millions of soldier began battle between Japanese and American. To this day no one could quite understand what it was that caused them to so ardently fight and cause harm to themselves. It was as if they were enthralled in this empire of masochism, they kept fighting to defend an expanding empire that wasn’t there. So we kept sending troops, and we would inevitably win, but the losses were horrible. And our soldiers came home changed, not just mentally. This wasn’t shellshock, but their bodies were deformed. I couldn’t describe it in any other way, that this operative changed the lives of every being on this planet. If only they would have surrendered after Nagasaki….maybe we wouldn’t have ended up like this…

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Prologue - Operation Downfall

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